“It is clear that a program like yours will improve a business’ environmental culture and enable them to embrace the differences of today’s unparalleled multi-generational and diverse employee population.”
— Representative Gus M. Bilirakis, US Congress

“The current unemployment rate in the county is under 4%. The remaining long-term unemployed individuals could greatly benefit from the 5G Matrix program and help us in providing a pipeline of quality workers to support future economic growth.”
— Michael Meidel, Director, Pinellas County Economic Development

“I see topics within the 5G Matrix that cover the professional needs and workforce skills business leaders identify as lacking among their employees and job candidates.”
— Michael A. Grego, Ed.D., Superintendent, Pinellas County Schools

“Knowing that an individual has completed 5G Certification training will make me take note of them over non-certified individuals when I make hiring decisions.”
— Gary Prado, VP Business Development, RedWeek.com