Employee Training

Alpha UMi Graduates it's Second 5GCF Cohort in February 2018

Alpha UMi graduated it's the second cohort of certified facilitators this month. Bethany Greenlee, David Bolton, Sue Thomas, and Charlene Einsel join the growing number of highly qualified facilitators specially trained in delivering the 5G 25 core competencies.  Included in the graduation was Tarpon Springs Mayor, Chris Alahouzos along with 5G lead facilitator Nate Hatzie. The 5G Power Skills program is comprised of 25 competencies that promote powerful communication skills as well as multi-generational workforce integration that will help organizations flourish and thrive in today's business environment.

5G Power Skills - Attitude of Gratitude

One of the Power Skills encompassed in the 5G® training is developing an attitude of gratitude.  Understanding that we can’t control what happens to us but that we can control how we react to our our life events comes with maturity.  As participants learn about leadership skills and communication styles, they come to appreciate some of the strong leaders in their own work environments and are also able to focus on the leadership qualities that they wish to develop in themselves. Visit https://www.facebook.com/5GMatrix/ for a video clip on "attitude of gratitude".

Does Your Organization Suffer from Cubicle Chaos?

Poor Office Etiquette.jpg

In today’s business world, an individual can spend as much as 50 to 60 hours a week in close proximity with others while they perform their daily work assignments. The stress of a face-paced work environment coupled with the expected results of a supervisor or manager, find many individuals who struggle with the required focus to complete tasks on time. Cubicle chaos can severely impact individuals work performance and hurt future advancement. Work Place Etiquette is one of the 25 essential Power Skill competencies that 5G™ in motion will provide through its 5G™ Mastery Training. 

Seth Godin on Change

It's tempting to seek to change just one person at a time. After all, if you fail, no one will notice.

It's also tempting to try to change everyone. But of course, there really is no everyone, not any more. Too much noise, too many different situations and narratives. When you try to change everyone, you're mostly giving up.

The third alternative is where real impact happens: Finding a cohort of people who want to change together.

Organizing them and then teaching and leading them.

It's not only peer pressure. But that helps.

When a group is in sync, the change is reinforcing. When people can see how parts of your message resonate with their peers, they're more likely to reconsider them in a positive light. And mostly, as in all modern marketing, "people like us do things like this" is the primary driver.

I got a note from a reader, who asked, "Not only you, but many business authors do promotions like if I buy 2, 10, 100... (or whatever number greater than 1) copies, I get perks. Honestly, I never really got this concept. As I understand, you get the most value out of business/self improvement books, if you buy them for yourself (and when you read them in the right time of your life)."

The thing is, my goal isn't to sell books, it's to make change. And with Your Turn, I took the idea of changing in groups quite seriously. The site doesn't sell single copies, only multiples (when you buy one, I send you two, etc.). Here's what I've discovered after five printings of the book: When an organization (or a team, or a tiny group) all read and talk about the same book, the impact is exponentially greater.

If you want to make change, begin by making culture. Begin by organizing a tightly knit group. Begin by getting people in sync.

Culture beats strategy. So much that culture is strategy.

Happy New Year


The team at Alpha UMi/5G Matrix wishes everyone a happy, healthful, successful 2017! We are very excited about the initiatives we have in the pipeline for the year. Look for major product and services launches coming in the first quarter and throughout '17. 

We all had the opportunity to attend I/ITSEC at the end of 2016. The training and simulation that was on display there was awe-inspiring and thought-provoking. If any of you have the opportunity to walk the I/ITSEC exhibit floor, it is truly amazing. We did things like, fly like a bird in a virtual simulator, fly helicopters, fly jets,  shoot home intruders with laser guns, and meet the leaders in modeling, simulation and training. This inspired many ideas for future product development for 5G Matrix.