Alpha UMi Attends Seminar on Cybersecurity

Carrie Root, Ph.D., and CEO of Alpha UMi along with Jerry Coleman, M.S., Operations Manager, attended the NDIA (National Defense Industry Association) breakfast meeting this morning to listen and learn from Sri Sridharan USF, Center for Cybersecurity in Tampa, speak about trends in cyber-security for 2016 and beyond. Some of the topics discussed were: Ransomware, Headless worms, jail-breaking the cloud, and devious phishing methods employed by the black-hats (unethical hackers).

Carrie Root, Ph.D. and Sri Sridharan

One of the main messages Sri Sridharan shared with the group was that 2.1 trillion dollars have been spent globally on cybersecurity.

The Florida Center for Cybersecurity at USF focuses on three factors to help towards raising awareness of cybersecurity: Education, Research, and Outreach.

Thank you to the NDIA – Tampa Chapter and Sri Sridharan of the Florida Center for Cybersecurity for helping to raise the awareness of cyber-security.